You Make It Possible


Please Click HERE for the printable Quilt Donation Form

Threading Hope is made possible by generous hearts willing to help children across the world through donating a hand made quilt for children and youth to keep warm in their poverty stricken and war torn countries. 

Your contribution makes a direct and immediate global impact.  Supporting our delivery of quilts and art supplies (through Highwire) to children.  Millions of children and families are in need of warmth and aid, lacking a comfortable place to lay their heads at night.  Our volunteers will personally hand deliver donations offering humanitarianism through hope, dedication to change, and love.

 Threading Hope projects are hoping to provide blankets to many in need.


Brings an exciting venture providing handmade quilts to those in Malawi, Africa at a new In-Patient Pediatric Ward at a dedicated hospital helping those suffering with HIV/AIDS. Working with to help provide comfort for those that are the "sickest of the sick," and help ease the pain.

WE NEED YOU to make this possible.  

If you are willing to donate a quilt to Threading Hope

We hand deliver it to the child in need and provide you with a photo of your quilt with the child you aided. 

            More and more companies are forming alliances to give back to communities that desperately need their help.  This commitment to global citizenship builds positive relationships in domestic and international markets.

**are not a quilter we also always are looking for art supplies for Highwire projects (
What we need: crayons, sketch books, markers and pencil with sharpeners.
Please mail items to the address listed for Threading Hope materials. Thank you for your donation