Big Thank You for the following groups who donated

Preparing to go to Malawi was an inspiring realization in the power of people and hope! 

We had a tremendous outpouring of Quilts / Blankets from a couple quilt groups: New Life Bible Fellowship Quilt Club and  Do Good Stitches.  We were also astonished with the depth of compassion in our youth...Blue Ridge Intermediate School in Lakeside, AZ has a dedicated group of children that are passionate about helping others. Thank you Ms. Green's  Horizon's 3rd and 4th grade classes. 

Your belief in our company and your desire to help is not only going to help warm children and families in need...but you have warmed our hearts. Thank you Truly.  Danell Lynn & Kristina Green

To see photos of from the delivery of these quilts / blankets and who they went to click here: Malawi.

Blue Ridge Intermediate Schools - Community compassion

New Life Fellowship Quilt Club -group quilt night dedicated to quilts for Malawi: