To Haiti for Hope

During my recent trip to Haiti (July 2010) I was able to deliver 9 quilts that were donated to Threading Hope.  These quilts brought hope to children in Medishare's Pediatric Unit. They also brought hope to Mary Luise in the mountains north of Port Au Prince to comfort her through her struggle with cancer. From grown women to young children, and to those just joining life, these quilts brought smiles, laughter and comfort.   These quilts brought happiness and joy to many parents for their children as they are recovering from illnesses and some from injuries sustained in the earthquake. (Like the young man in the photo, his scars are from his home collapsing around him in the January earthquake, he also lost his father in the home)

Thank you to our donors who worked very hard to get quilts together for the trip, Phyllis Eikenberry and Kristina Green! We could not have provided such hope and comfort without your donations, thank you so much!