Malawi, Africa


In March of 2011 we were able to deliver 22 quilts and 18 blankets to Malawi, Africa. Thank you to all those that donated and help bring warmth to many. 

The delivery occurred at a perfect time, as the seasons are opposite of our home country, and it is about to be cold season there. 

This baby quilt, and a blanket was provided to Angus and her family, she was very thankful as the baby just got over illness and with the cold season coming they will keep the family warm.

The remainder of our quilts and blankets donated went to the Partners in Hope hospital for the Thandiso Ward, 15 bed unit, and the remaining blankets will be handed out to families in need as they visit the hospital. 

The below photo album features the hospital and the beds, to show display of where they are being donated. Thandiso Ward houses the sickest of the sick for HIV and AIDS, out of respect for the patients we took photos of the quilts on empty bed. They will get much use, and the local staff that is pictured in many of the photos were so glad to be a part of it and were excited to make the beds up with such beautiful quilts..  Thank you to Perry Jansen for all the work he is doing with Partners in Hope.